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About us

About company

Audit Center (Audit Center, Limited) is created for Association of professionals of various consulting practices and rendering to our clients of service of the most corresponding and anticipating their expectations. This is our mission and goal.

We always meet the deadlines and are responsible for the money invested in consulting, and strive to give a significant positive economic effect on the results of each executed order.

The scope of tasks facing the domestic company in terms of audit and other services related to audit activities is quite large. We believe that in Russia and in the former Soviet Union, the choice of a domestic audit company seems to be the most reasonable, especially in modern conditions. We are able to solve 90 % of the problems, and to enter the London stock exchange, of course, we will also recommend a partner.

The base office of our company is located in Nizhny Novgorod, which allows us to quickly implement projects in Central Russia. And in General, the geography of the work performed already covers all Federal districts of the Russian Federation.

The main direction of our activity is accounting, tax and personnel audit, as well as economic expertise and Due Diligence.

The team of the International audit center has successfully implemented more than five hundred projects in the field of corporate development. Our auditors, tax and valuation specialists have already saved more than 100 000 000 rubles from our clients by increasing the efficiency of their work.



Every customer is key. Reliability, "Аudit center" considers it necessary to apply all forces for satisfaction of the client. The element of the client-oriented policy is the availability of contact with managers and executors, productive discussion of tasks, purposeful adherence to the terms of reference and commercial interests of the Customer.


This is a pragmatic approach. Responsibility for money, in which investments in consulting justify themselves.

We have to measure each component of Business, including to achieve the predicted return on the funds invested in us.


To achieve the result need to WANT FROM both SIDES. On the part of the client-customer must be the managerial will, a strong desire to understand and dialogue, and we as consultants provide experience, qualifications, skills for positive changes and ensure a positive result!


We ourselves are leaders in many positions and want to see in our environment, among our customers, partners and employees also people who are set up for leadership! Being a leader is not only more profitable and interesting, but also much easier!



The company "Audit center" reglamentary its activities in accordance with the provisions of Federal law No. 307 "On auditing activities" and Federal law No. 98 "On commercial secret". This allows you to comply with one of the main ethical principles of the consulting business – the preservation of audit and trade secrets. The results of the specialists consultation papers, audits and all used the original data, creative materials, methods and collaborative processes are proprietary, legally executed by the parties the contract on rendering of services. The Company has developed a set of measures aimed at the safety of information and documents received from customers during the execution of the contract.


Audit Center adheres to flexible system of pricing which is based on understanding of real cost of the provided services and their quality. The cost and terms of services are based on market conditions and are comparable with analogues. The principles and pricing system are detailed in the terms of reference and are an "open book"for the Client.